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Story one. Prompt: Tailor into porridge
Seeing as how no one left me any prompts for this week I had to adapt and use one I'd been given in the past.
At the Winchester Writer's Conference I attended a workshop on fairytales as one of the pieces of work we had to do was take two pieces of paper out of hats - one was a person or occupation (Queen, Sailor, Knight etc) and one was an object or animal (Pumpkin, hourse, apple). The object of the work was to turn one into the other. Here's mine, re-written for the challenege.

How the Tailor became breakfast and visa versa.

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Word count: 1,269

01/08/2010 REDEMPTION 1
"(Redemption 1) Dear Liberty-Belle Howard, David Gregory Burns, Heather Yvonne Gase, William Ogle, Minu Ferdows and other people who I probably don't have on my fb. Had a fantastic time today and it was great to see you all. Thanks for the excuse for getting out of Suffolk, even for a short while! Love, Me xxx" 01/08/2010

Remember to leave a promt on the fb group or on the previous post x

You're facebooker needs YOU!

It's almost the end of the month and even though my self-imposed redemption act will mean a further two days of "Dear..." statuses I'll still be starting a new challenge.

This one won't be a daily update thing but there will be progress updates for a weekly challenge.
This is still a writing one but it needs some involvement from you lot!

So, please give me any promts you want to give for my new challenge "I would write a thousand words" (a very, very bad play on to the song "And I would walk five hundered miles" etc)
Every week I will try and write a thousand words an opriginal piece and post it on the Sunday to both my facebook and livejournal accounts.
What I would liie from you guys is to give me promts for the stories.
They can be single word promts, like: butter, hotel, happy.
They can be `write a story about` promts: Write a story about a puppy who wakes up one day to find that all the dogs in the world have learnt to talk but he hasn't.
Or maybe it can be a situation promt: At some point in the story a brid must fly into the house of the protagonist and breaks an important object.

Anything you want!

If I get more then say, three promts per week I may ask people to `vote` on what their favourtie one is and just use that. Otherwise I may be able to fit three or so into one story (depending)
Promts for the weeks work must be in before Sundays and if all goes well I may even consider extending this into a two month challenge.

Sop, have a hankering for a story about the world's smartest bee? Want to tes me and see how I can fit the words apple, bomb, pig stye, peppermint, spider man into a story?

I'll create a discussion topic for prompts to be posted.

Have fun!


PS: LJ people, can you please put promts on the fb group? If you don't have a fb account and don't want to get one then just put promts in a comment to this post.

"Dear trains. You have been terrible to me recently and although my travel on Thursday wasn't so bad, Wednesday was sure a nightmare that I may in fact be scared for life. Be good to me tomorrow and Sunday, for the sake of my sanity. Please. No love, Me" 30/2010/07

no cat
"Dear Boots Pharmacist. I'm not even spell check your job title, you've pissed me off today. Two of you, on two seporate occasions.One of you sent me rushing off to a walk-in clinic to be seen by a Doctor. I waited an hour and got told what you should have said in the first place and what I'd been asking for too! Stop making me think I've got something terribly wrong with me. Grumpy, tired and unwell, Me" 29/07/2010

No, it's not about the NHS (even though the walk-in clinic was run by them).

Actually, considering I had the most horrendus two days of traveling just to get to Winchester to see an NHS surgen... I have surprisingly little to say about them right now.

I know I talk about the NHS a lot, it's just because I deal with them and their issuse on a far more regular basis then most people my age.

I WOULD have had a massive bitch fest about the trains... but my pure fury could not be contained by a meer facebook status.

Maybe some other time.

"Dear Matthew Phillips and Bobby Brooks. You're so kind to let me stay and put up with my ever changing plans. This wouldn't happen if I lived in London so I'd better get job hunting, right! I need to treat the both of you to something. Love, Me x" 28/07/2010

I am, however, not looking forward to missioning it back and forth between Ipswich, London, Winchester, London, Ipswich, London, Stains, Thorpe Park, Stains, London, Ipswich.

And then the day after I finish traveling about I have to get up early!

Woe is me.

But Matt and Bobby are being a big help by putting me up for two (seporate) nights =)

no cat
"Dear Body. I know what we're doing is strange and a little painful but we don't have a car so going to a gym to workout is not an option. We'll just have to stick it out at these embarrasing body toning classes with Mum for three months, then we'll get the gym membership added onto the basic membership and swap prancing about like a cracked up squirrle for cross trainers and running mills. I hate tummy crunches, Me." 27/07/2010

"Dear Head aches. Nuuuuh, why won't you leave me alooooone? Seriously, I've had a head aches for about two weeks now! =( In pain in the membrain, Me x" 26/07/2010

Too hungry for taging, running off to eat dinner now!

"Dear The World. I have a confession. I'm actually scared of telepaths, have been since I was little. I don't like the idea of some one being in my head and maybe making me do things with out my knowing. Probably why I'm scared of stage hypnosis as well. So, if you're a telepath, stay the hell away from me. Making a tinfoil hat, Me. x" 25/07/2010

"Dear Ben and Jerry's. Damn, you put on a tasty music festival. Guess who's diet has been totally ruined? Me. x" 24/07/2010

Ugh... My tummy... so full... and I didn't even eat as much as I did last year!

What a great way for me to start my `Holy crap I need to loss weight before my brother's wedding` diet!


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